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Employees recruitment and administration agency

Our solutions are based on two directions that lay stress on the human constituent: Recruitment and administration employees.
Our agency's main purpose is to offer our best services in order to help develop your business:
Recrutare Salariati

Employees recruitment

- Writing and editing your hiring ads;
- Advancing your advertisment through the most appropriate channels of communication;
- Visualization and selection of CVs for further interviews;
- Selection of candidates, scheduling candidates for interviews;
- First interview, primary selection;
- Second interview, thorough validation of assets and experience, psihco-technical tests;
- Third interview, determining the future of the employee at new employer;

Administrare salariati standard

Standard employees administration

- Personal record administration;
- Managing authorities relations;
- Calculating salaries;
- Issuing reports;
- Give legal advice on active legislation;

Administrare salariati premium

Premium employees administration

- Managing individual employment contracts;
- Occupational medicine, work health and security general training;
- Calculating and paying salaries;
- Employees management;
- Elaboration and deposition of fiscal papers;
- Payement of fiscal obligations;

Our projects

Throughout our years of activity we have recruited thousands of people in different areas.
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Our team

consists of enthusiastic young people, passionate about communication, who have accomplished hundreads of projects for different influential clients from Romania, France, Belgium, Germany and Italy.
Our purpose is to offer effective solutions and excellent services to our clients in a friendly and professional manner.
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